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Skyho Completed the Delivery Work of the First A320 Aircraft

Release date:2019-08-22

On August 18,2019, Skyho Aviation Technology Co.,LTD.(referredto as Skyho), completedthe dismantling and delivery of the first A320 aircraft to the customer. Morethan 1,000 items of high-value equipment, including engine nacelle, APU,landing gear, radome, flight control rudder surface and electronic andmechanical components, were obtained through this disassembly.

On March 26, 2019,Skyho won the bidding of the asset package project of four A320s invited byChina Southern Air Leasing. The project is Skyho’s first time to launch aremarketing business of old aircrafts for Chinese Airlines after the completionof aircraft teardown of 757-200s introduced from overseas in2018.

Skyhomainly engaged in the business of buying and selling aircraft and engines,leasing and aircraft asset management, aircraft teardown and sales, and aircraftparts supply, etc.

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